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All top-secret, declassified & leaked UFO Documents available.


Download Documents below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป



Leaked / Unconfirmed / Dismissed


  • The Wilson Memo | Notes by Dr. Eric Davis talking to Admiral Wilson (2002)

    Most likely the biggest UFO leak of all time. The Wilson Memo (also known as The Admiral Wilson Leak) describes a conversation between Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Wilson. It confirms deeply classified programs to study alien technology, extraterrestrial aliens, UFO craft and technology. The entire context of this memo might be difficult to understand - Project Unity has done an amazing job with their Ultimate Breakdown of the Admiral Wilson Leaks.


  • Oppenheimer-Einstein Alien Memo | Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies (1947)

    Too good to be true, this document is unlikely to be authentic. Two of the most reputable scientists and physicists at that time, signed a draft memo to President Harry S. Truman, basically arguing for the inclusion of extraterrestrial beings into our society. 


  • MJ-12 SOM 1-01 | Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology Recovery and Disposal (1954)The infamous Majestic 12 Special Operations Manual that has the UFO Community split about its authenticity. Photographed and leaked around 1984, this document gives instructions on dealing with crashed UFOs and extraterrestrial entities.

  • MJ-12 Documents | Eisenhower Briefing, Burned Memo & Ultra-Top-Secret Manual



Declassified / Publishedโ€‹


  • MJ-12 SOM 1-01 Debunked | Possible Disclosure of Classified Information regarding Operation Majestic 12 (1988)

    This is the official assessment and debunking by the FBI of the leaked document MJ-12 SOM 1-01 as "bogus."


  • Pentagon UFO Report | Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (2021)

    The long-awaited UFO Report by the U.S. Government acknowledges UFOs (UAPs) and proposes measures to study the subject matter further. You can read UFO Daddy's summary of the Pentagon UFO Report.


  • Guy Hottel UFO Memo | Reported UFO & Alien Bodies on crash site in New Mexico (1950)

  • Project Aquarius | Declassified Reports (1971)

  • Colonel Corso DA Form 66 | Documentation on Colonel Corsos Duties

  • Project Blue Book Reports (1947-1969)

  • Roswell Teletype (1947)

  • ATIC (1950)

  • Major General William F.  McKee (USAF) Complaining about UFO Sightings (1952)

  • ESP Study | Extra Sensory Perception (1957)

  • Project Plato | Report Bibliography (1959-1988)

  • The Search of Signals for Extraterrestrial Life (1968)

  • UFOs - What to Do (1968)

  • U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet | UFOs & Termination of Project Blue Book News Release (1969)

  • FBI Release on Animal & Cattle Mutilation (1970)

  • UFO Incident in Iran (1976)

  • JANAP Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (1977)

  • Phoenix Lights Incident (1977)

  • Interstellar Contact in an Evolving Universe (1978)

  • First UFO incident in China 1981 (1983)

  • The 1981 UFO in China - A Discussion with Comrade Zhang Zhousheng (1983)

  • US Air Force Oral History Interview with Major General William C Garland (1986)

  • Nasa on Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe (1990)

  • White Sands Missile Range UFOs Statement (1991)

  • GAO - Records Concerning the 1947 Crash near Roswell New Mexico (1995)

  • Russian UFO incident (1995)

  • CIA Study UFOs (1997)




Be aware ๐Ÿšจ This is a collection of all types of documents! Not all of them are authentic or confirmed by official sources. 

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- Rick, the UFO Daddy

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