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What is a UFO? Beginner's Guide.

What is a UFO, what does a UFO look like and are UFOs aliens? ...and what's a UAP? Welcome to the ultimate beginners-guide to UFOs, Aliens & Extraterrestrial Phenomena.

what is ufo

What does UFO stand for?

what is ufo

The word UFO is an acronym that stands for Unidentified Flying Object.

UFO = Unidentified Flying Object

It is simply an object that is unidentifiable by witnesses, governments or authorities.

The term UFO first appeared in the 1950 after it has replaced the term "flying saucers" to describe unidentified objects in the sky, that have been publicized prior and often been described as floating, disc-shaped objects.

What does UAP stand for?

what is uap

The word UAP is an acronym that stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon(a).

UAP = Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

Be aware 🚨 that the term "UFO" has been replaced recently by many governments & organizations with the term "UAP". This is important if you want to search databases or vaults for relevant, declassified information about the topic.

What does USO stand for?

what is uso

The word USO is an acronym that stands for Unidentified Submerged Phenomenon(a).

USO = Unidentified Submerged Object

Another important classification is the addition of the term "USO". Since there have been reported sightings of unidentified objects under water or flying objects plunging in and out of water, those type of unidentified objects can be classified as "USOs"

UFO vs. UAP vs. USO - What's the right term?

Generally, the community sticks to the term "UFO", but is aware to include the terms "UAP" and "USO". The term UFO is the most common description to search the internet and to talk about the subject.

And yes, UFO and UAP are the same thing - Colloquially, both terms describe an unidentified object, moving above ground or through the sky.

🛸 👽🖖🏻 UFO is used by Everyone

🛸 👨‍⚖️👨‍🔬 UAP is used by Governments, Authorities & Scientists

🛸 🌊🌊 USO is rarely used as classification (Governments & Scientists)

As mentioned above, if you want to go down the rabbit hole or follow up on the latest revelations, documents or reports coming from governmental, military or scientific sources, you will need to include UAP in your search terms.

Are UFOs Aliens?

No, UFOs are not necessarily from outer space or vehicles that house aliens or alien life forms.

Ruwa Ariel School Drawing UFO Alien
Ariel School UFO Encounter 1994 - Alien Drawing of Child Eye-Witness

Unidentified Flying Objects are first and foremost "unidentified" - They can be mistaken for clouds, balloons, debris, light leaks or any other worldly, man-made or completely natural phenomena.

Why is it all about UFOs and Aliens then? 👽

There are some UFO sightings that are simply so abnormal and unexplainable that we believe they must be extraterrestrial (from outer space). We naturally assume that extraterrestrial vehicles might carry extraterrestrial passengers!

Watch RAW footage of the most amazing UFO sightings and judge for yourself before you continue reading.

Another reason why UFOs are associated with aliens is, that multiple encounters include the appearance of aliens.

Here are just a few UFO encounters that include aliens:

  • Roswell UFO Incident - 1947 - New Mexico, U.S.A. Mortician W. Glenn Davis claims first hand information about recovered alien bodies. Watch the full interview with W. Glenn Davis.

  • The Guy Hottel Memo - 1950 - New Mexico, U.S.A. Retrieved from the FBI Vault, a repository of declassified documents, users can find the Guy Hottel memo that shows a document reporting to J. Edgar Hoover, mentioning circular shaped crafts and recovered bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture.

  • Ariel School UFO Encounter - 1994 - Zimbabwe, Africa Also known as "Ruwa School UFO Incident". After a UFO had landed near the school playground, 60 children have reported matching descriptions of Aliens exiting the craft and communicating with some of the children.

Find out more about aliens and the different types of alien lifeforms that have been described by witnesses, please read our article Are Aliens Real?

What does a UFO look like?

what does a ufo look like

UFOs come in many shapes and colors - There is no universal appearance that classifies, confirms or dismisses an unidentified flying object. However, most common shapes have been reported to be disk shaped, cigar shaped or triangular in appearance.

Here are some of the latest UFO sightings caught on camera:

You can see more pictures in our article The Most famous UFO Sightings of All Time!

The most detailed description about a recovered UFO is provided by Physicist Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar claims to have worked on its gravity-generating propulsion technology and had temporary access to the UFO at the U.S. Military complex S4, near Area 51 in Nevada.

The Bob Lazar UFO is commonly known as the "Sport Model".

Here are some drawings & renderings of the Sport Model:

The one (UFO) we'd inspected was smaller and sleeker than the others, as if it was the sports car in the line-up. I always thought of and referred to the craft I was able to enter as the "Sport Model".

- Bob Lazar, Dreamland: An Autobiography (2019)

Yes, there have been other UFOs Bob Lazar has described seeing up close - If you are not familiar with the Bob Lazar story, please read it here.

We continue with the Sport Model size & dimensions that match the descriptions of several other UFO reports & sightings.

what does a ufo look like

The dimensions of the Sport Model UFO match the description of several other, independent reports, memos & eye-witness accounts! 🚨

  • Flat & Disc-Shaped

  • Metallic Surface

  • Around 50 ft in Diameter

  • Build for 3 ft / Children-Sized Beings

Read what most UFO Sightings & Alien Sightings have in common here.

Are UFOs real?

Yes, UFOs are real.

Is there proof of UFOs?

The pentagon confirms UFO sightings of the recent past and the latest report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence shows that UFOs are being taken seriously.

Go ahead and take a look at the official US Government UFO Report. (Official title: Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)

Spoiler alert 🚨 There is no clear conclusion about the origin, but 143 out of the 144 UFO sightings presented to the Office of National Intelligence remain unexplained.

The U.S. Government has ever publicly confirmed or acknowledged UFOs. UFO sightings confirmed by the pentagon or the Government Report are break-through releases and milestones for the UFO community.

The have been a number of interesting, but unconfirmed documents in the past, like the Guy Hottel Memo issued to Edgar J. Hoover or the General Wilson Memo that hint at prior involvement by the U.S. Government and Pentagon into UFOs.

What is the most recent UFO sighting?

Organizations like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and individuals like Jeremy Corbell are doing an amazing job of gathering and releasing updates about the most recent sightings, footage & photography.

You can also visit UFODaddy's Youtube Channel to watch RAW footage of all recent UFO Sightings caught on tape. 🛸 📹

There is a number of great UFO Documentaries that feature amazing images and videos as well es detailed descriptions of the objects appearance, shape, flights patterns, location, speed & sounds.

Don't miss out on the top UFO Documentaries featured on this list!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Where can I see a UFO myself?

Unfortunately there is no exhibition, museum or place you can see a UFO. Seeing one, especially one that is as extraordinary as some of the UFO sightings we've mentioned above, is extremely rare.

Where are UFO hotspots?

If you want to see a UFO yourself, try to visit one of the various UFO hotspots! Visit the UFO Stalker or The UFO Sightings Map (ARCGIS)

UFO sightings spread over several decades and locations worldwide.

All we can do is gather those sightings, compare UFO witness accounts and look at available footage to draw our conclusions about their legitimacy and origin.

How to Report UFO Sighting?

I have written a short guide on how to report a UFO sighting, Alien encounter or Abduction.

Attention 🚨 Please do not abuse this process to submit intentionally fabricated, false, 'funny' or misleading UFO Sighting Reports.

If you are new to the UFO community or just enjoy checking in from time to time for the latest UFO news, be aware that this topic (although controversial) is being taken seriously by individuals, scientists, governments & organizations around the world.


For the latest UFO News, make sure to follow UFO Daddy on Instagram and kindly keep visiting my blog from time to time. 🖖🏻👽

Is there anything you miss or like to have explained about the term UFO?

Drop me a comment below 👇🏻 or simply share your opinion about them.

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