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Westall UFO Incident - Australia 1996

Multiple UFOs were allegedly seen silently gliding through the sky before descending onto a nearby field in front of around 300 staff and students from Westall High School in 1966. Despite the fact that it was Australia's greatest mass UFO sighting, there was little coverage at the time and there have been conflicting theories all throughout the years concerning the particular realities of what unfolded on sixth April at the Westall High School. ๐Ÿ›ธ

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Even after 52 years following the incident, there has been much discussion about what individuals witnessed, with some claiming extraterrestrial contact and others suspecting the government of testing new aircraft technologies. Here is what happened on the day of the sighting at Westall High School in 1996.

Mass UFO Sighting at Westall High School in 1996

On Wednesday afternoon at around 11:00 am, 6 April 1966, students and a teacher from Westall High School (now Westall Secondary College) reported seeing a flying, silver-grey, saucer-shaped object with a slight purple hue flying above the school grounds. The craft was reportedly about twice the size of a family car and according to the students, it was descending, overflew the high school, and disappeared behind the trees. About 20 minutes later the object reappeared, climbed at speed and departed towards the north-west. Some accounts describe the object as being followed by five other unidentified aircraft. It is unclear if those crafts have been accompanying the UFO or if the crafts were military aircraft, pursuing the object as it flew away.

Days and weeks after the event, teachers have tried to downplay the event and encouraged the children not to speak about it publicly. Shortly after the event, government officials have reportedly visited several teachers and have been accused of confiscating film and an entire camera by a teacher who snapped photos of the unidentified aircraft.

Nevertheless, eye-witness accounts and information about the Westall UFO Sighting has reached media outlets shortly after.

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Throughout years of debate, one especially intriguing bit of audio has gone mostly unnoticed. James J. Kibel, who is an Australian photographer and UFO researcher, had an interview with Andrew Greenwood, a science teacher at the Westall School who observed the occurrence. The recording was subsequently transmitted to Dr. James E. McDonald, an American physicist who is well-known for his UFO study. As the tape was located among his belongings, many people believe it is Dr. McDonald commenting on the tape when it is actually Mr. Kibel.

When he stepped outside, he spotted a gathering of students staring towards the northeast corner of the school grounds, and as he got closer, he claimed he saw a UFO hovering near a powerline.

Andrew Greenwood, a teacher at the time of the incident, described the UFO as a spherical, silver object the size of a vehicle with a metal object protruding into the air. The educator then told Mr Kibel that five planes arrived that surrounded the unknown craft, while more people gathered to see the incident unfold. "The planes were trying all they could to reach the object." he added.

This cat-and-mouse game chasing the UFO through the sky apparently lasted for 20 minutes, during which 350 youngsters and staff were present, according to Mr. Greenwood. The UFO then rocketed away and vanished in a matter of seconds, and it was at this point that the headmaster appeared and ordered everyone to return to class. There have been rumors throughout the years that the government attempted to conceal this incident and prevented witnesses from speaking out, but Mr. Greenwood claims that the headmaster was the one who initially sought to silence the discussion about the occurrence.

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Westall UFO Landing Site Sketch

Over the years it was reported that the government has visited several eye-witnesses and people investigating the event, telling them to "drop it.", which leads Ufologists to believe that there must have been something that the government is trying to hide, whether the craft was a UFO of extraterrestrial origin or a secret military aircraft.

Photographic UFO Evidence prior to Westall Incident

Unfortunately there are no recordings or photographs of the Westall UFO, but there has been a UFO sighting reported above Balwyn, 900 miles away from Westall a day before the incident.

James Kibel took this UFO photograph with a polaroid camera and his sighting has been publicized in many newspapers at that time. ๐Ÿ›ธ ๐Ÿ“ฐ

Balwyn UFO Westall UFO UFO News UFO Daddy

Many believe this polaroid photo taken by Kibel is connected to the object the children of Westall High School observed two days later.

Many eye-witnesses came forward and the Westall UFO incident became part of many UFO documentaries over the years, having eye-witnesses revisit the sight and relive their sightings from that day.

Today, you can visit The Grange Reserve Playground, a children's playground that honors the history of the Westall events that occurred on April 6, 1996.


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