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Top 10 UFO Sightings Caught on Camera

If you are looking for real UFO pictures & the best UFO evidence out there - look no further, here are the Top 10 UFO Sightings caught on camera.

UFO Daddy Top 10 Ufo Sightings Photographs Images

Note: We left out all the provenly faked & doctored images. 🚫 All images below are real UFO images whose authenticity has been verified or is still being debated. 📸🛸

1950 – McMinnville UFO, Oregon, USA

UFO Daddy - Photo taken by Paul Trent McMinnville UFO 1950
UFO Photo by Paul Trent in McMinnville, Oregon 1950

The photographs taken by Paul Trent on the evening of 11 May 1950 are one of the most publicized images of a ufo ever taken. Paul’s wife Evelyn was feeding the family livestock when she noticed a disc-like craft hovering in the sky to her northwest. She called out to her husband to come and see the strange phenomenon and he captured it on film, taking two pictures. The roll of film was developed at their local pharmacy a couple of weeks later and immediately the news spread like wildfire beyond McMinnville and soon the photographs had been revealed to an international audience. 📰

There have been multiple investigations and analyses conducted throughout the years to determine the authenticity of the photographs, trying to dismiss them as a hoax. Evelyn Trent died in 1997 and Paul Trent passed away in 1998; both insisted until the end of their lives that the sighting, and the photos, were genuine.

1951 – Lubbock, Texas, USA – ‘The Lubbock Lights’

UFO Daddy Lubbock Lights Negative by Carl Hart, Jr. Lubbock, Texas 1951
Lubbock Lights Negative by Carl Hart, Jr. Lubbock, Texas 1951

The Lubbock Lights have been investigated as part of Project Blue Book. A possible conclusion at the time the photographs were taken, was that the city of Lubbock had installed new vapor street lights in 1951, and it was believed that migrating plovers (birds) were reflecting the new street lights. However, William Hams, chief photographer for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, took several nighttime photos of birds flying over Lubbock's street lights and could not duplicate Hart's photos. Edward J. Ruppelt, one of the three professors from Texas Technological College who reported the Lubbock lights and went on to search for a possible explanation of the phenomenon later wrote the following about the "plover explanation":

"they were not birds, refracted light, or 'spaceships; [...] [they were] positively identified as a very commonplace and easily explainable natural phenomenon [...] It is very unfortunate that I can't divulge exactly the way the answer was found because it is an interesting story of how a scientist set up complete instrumentation to track down the lights and how he spent several months testing theory after theory until he finally hit upon the answer. Telling the story would lead to his identity and, in exchange for his story, I promised the man complete anonymity. But he fully convinced me that he had the answer, and after having heard hundreds of explanations of UFO's, I don't convince easily."

1955 – Namur, Belgium

Near the city of Namur, a series of three UFO photographs were taken by a photographer who still remains unknown. Reportedly, his attention was first drawn to a sharp glint among the clouds, but he heard no sound! As he began to take images, the UFO began to fall in altitude, then suddenly made a sharp turn before climbing up once more to the height of the altitude it had previously dropped down from.

1966 - Balwyn UFO, Melbourne, Australia

Everyone remembers the famous Westall UFO incident in Australia 1966. Unfortunately there are no recordings or photographs of the Westall UFO, but there has been a UFO sighting reported above Balwyn, 900 miles away from Westall a day before the incident.

James Kibel took this UFO photograph with a polaroid camera and his sighting has been publicized in many newspapers at that time. 🛸 📰

1967 – Calgary UFO, Alberta, Canada

UFO Daddy Calgary UFO - Photograph taken by Warren Smith in Cargary, Alberta, Canada 1967
Calgary UFO - Photograph taken by Warren Smith in Cargary, Alberta, Canada 1967

On 3 July 1967, Warren Smith and two of his friends were walking through the countryside of Calgary. One of them spotted a falling object in the skies. The group thought at first that it was some sort of airplane, but when it dropped beyond a distant treeline and rose back up again, Smith scrambled for his camera.

Smith took two photos within seconds of each other. One of his photographs was later considered ‘first priority’ by the Condon Committee that began researching the UFO Phenomenon at that time in Canada. This UFO image was examined extensively by the Royal Canadian Air Force Defense Photographic Interpretation Center, and has been deemed to be authentic. It is generally considered one of the best early UFO photographs from that time period.

1974 – Albiosc Tavernes UFO, France

UFO Daddy Albiosc Tavernes UFO France 1974
Illuminated UFO at Night - Photo was taken in Albiosc Tavernes, France 1974

This might be one of the most famous UFO photographs in France and one of the most fascinating UFO photographs taken by night. It was first revealed to UFO researcher Jean Bedet when he found the UFO image attached with a note to his windscreen. The note was from an anonymous doctor who claimed that, after visiting a patient, he was returning home on a deserted road in the Vosges Mountains when he came face to face with an amazing glowing object in the sky. Many Ufologists love this picture because it is one of the first UFO photographs taken of a self-luminous UFO that appears to be semi-transparent. Many speculate that the glow is a by-product of energy radiating from within the UFOs anti-gravity generators. Some even claim that we are seeing a forcefield around the UFO, which would lead to the result of luminous air ionization around it.

1978 – Colfax, Wisconsin UFO

Colfax UFO - Credit: UFO Photo Archives | Archives of Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens

On April 1978, police officer Mark Coltrane was on patrol near Colfax at noon, when he decided to pull over for lunch in an isolated location. He suddenly noticed that his car radio was making strange, crackling noises, just before an unidentified flying object caught his attention. As he looked up, he saw a metallic-looking disc-shaped UFO, only a short distance away from his car. He immediately grabbed his Polaroid camera as the UFO performed various manoeuvres around his car and jump out to take a photograph.

The UFO began to move away but he still managed to snap a picture before it flew out of sight. Coltrane was so overawed by what he had witnessed that he could not speak for several hours after the incident, afraid to report his UFO sighting for fear of his his co-workers’ ridicule.

1981 – Vancouver Island UFO, British Columbia, Canada

UFO Daddy - Vancouver Island UFO Canada 1981
Photograph of Vancouver Island UFO, Canada 1981

Hannah McRoberts was on holiday with her family about 30 miles to the north of Kelsey Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island. During a period of five-day she took a number of pictures of her family and of the local scenery before she observed a UFO in the clouds above a mountain nearby. The photograph you see above subsequently came to the attention of Mr David A. C. Powell of Vancouver’s McMillan Planetarium. After much examination, the photographic negative was delivered to Richard F. Haines, Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration for analysis. Although the photographs authenticity has been in doubt, Haines determined that Hannah's camera (35mm Mamiya camera with a 50–55mm lens, 125 speed and ASA 100 film) unwittingly captured a photo of the mountain with a genuine airborne object flying above it, and that the object was not the result of emulsion deformity or an optical illusion caused by the camera’s inner mechanism.

2008 - Night UFO, Indiana, USA

UFO Daddy Indiana UFO Night 2008
UFO at Night - Photographed in 2008 Indiana, USA

This UFO was seen and photographed at night above a house. The photographer of this image was reportedly alone in his home in a sparsely populated area of Indiana. He was on his way to the kitchen and saw a strange object as he passed the window. At first he thought it looked like a helicopter flying about 100m (roughly 300–400ft) away. He realised that the craft made no noise, and it was not, as he had first suspected, a helicopter - it hovered in the same place, lights unblinking.

The photographer watched the object for several minutes before he grabbed his mobile phone, and took a photo. The UFO flew away with incredible speed and the sighting left this UFO photographer unable to sleep for several nights.

2018 - Leaked U.S. Fighter-Pilot UFO, Atlantic Ocean

A never-seen-before picture of a UFO has been leaked by a U.S. Fighter pilot flying over the Atlantic. Reportedly, there were two classified reports on UAP (UFOs) that have been circulated in the US intelligence community. The content of the reports included several UFO pictures, as well as the leaked picture that was going viral on social media in 2008.

According to "The Debrief", two classified reports were distributed by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), first in 2018 and the second in 2020. The attached photograph showed an unidentifiable triangular aircraft. The UFO was a triangular aircraft that had rounded edges and three perfectly spherical white lights at the bottom.

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Sources & Acknowledgement: The book "UFOs caught on Film: Amazing Evidence of Alien Visitors on Earth by BJ Booth" has been a major source of inspiration for this articles photography & stories. If you want to see more UFO Images & UFO evidence caught on camera, go ahead and purchase a copy of BJ Booths amazing book on UFOs.

What do you think about those amazing UFO images? 📸🛸 Leave a comment below which UFO Photographs look most convincing to you!

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