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What's the Best UFO Documentary?

The best UFO Documentary is titled "The Phenomenon (2020)" by James Fox. It gives you a comprehensive overview over the most amazing, confirmed UFO sightings throughout history and summarizes the best UFO evidence we have to date.

(Find the Top 10 - Best UFO Documentaries listed below👇🏻)

Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 | Watch on Vimeo - The Phenomenon (2020)

Here is the full Top 10 of the Best UFO Documentaries:

  1. The Phenomenon (2020) by James Fox Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | Vimeo | Amazon Simply the most comprehensive UFO Documentary to date. Director James Fox sends you on a journey throughout histories most famous, as well as most amazing UFO sightings you might have never heard about before. You get to see amazing photography, footage, reports, eye witness accounts and media coverage that surrounds every sighting presented in this professionally produced documentary. It also features reports of UFO encounters, and if you haven't heard about the Zimbabwe UFO landing in 1994, you are in for a treat at the end! Check out if it is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime, otherwise purchase it through Vimeo on Demand - it is worth every penny!

  2. Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers (2018) by Jeremy Corbell Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | Vimeo | Amazon Probably the most famous and longest standing eye witness report of not only seeing, but actually working on reverse-engineering a UFO stored at S4, a secret military compund located near Area 51. Bob Lazar was the engineer, hired by a government contractor and brought in to work on obtained UFO craft and figure out its propulsion system. This documentary tells the story of Bob Lazar, going into detail about his story and insight information on the UFO layout, material and the mysterious fuel source called Element 115, which was introduced as "Moscovium" to the periodic table of elements in 2003, decades after Bob Lazar has spoken out about it's existence!

  3. Out of the Blue (2003) by Tim Coleman Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | Amazon | DailyMotion This documentary is widely regarded as one of the best UFO documentaries ever made and definitely deserves a spot on your must-watch list. It takes the UFO topic very seriously and gives you a straightforward take on what we know and what we don't know, while examining amazing sightings, possible evidence, scientific probabilities and evidence of UFO secrecy. The only reason why it ranks a little lower on my list is because it was produced in 2003 and does not include the latest set of truly amazing UFO evidence that came out in later year. However, it features a lot of international UFO footage I personally have never seen in a documentary before.

  4. Unacknowledged (2017) by Michael Mazzola Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | Vimeo Focuses on the secrecy about UFO sightings and how governments have always tried to cover up evidence or play down / dismiss evidence. This UFO documentary is definitely part of the rabbit hole! It gives you a full overview over the governments involvement and timeline of events that occured in and outside the United States of America.

  5. Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014) Series by Mufon Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | Amazon | DailyMotion The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has published its files in this amazing series. It consists of 2 seasons and a total of 20 episodes that treat different umbrella subjects like "UFOs at War" or "American Hotspots". If you're already into series-formats like Ancient Aliens, this is the way (way, way) more sophisticated version of it.

  6. Mirage Men (2014) by John Lundberg Rating: 🛸🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | Vimeo | Amazon I know...we all want to believe, but we also need to keep an open mind about the possibility that we have not necessarily been visited by aliens (yet) and that UFOs are in fact nothing more than just Unidentified Flying Objects in every sense of the word. Sitting in the middle of our list is Mirage Men (2014), that focuses on the possibility of the U.S. government using the UFO mythology as a weapon of mass deception to cover up military technology and clandestine operations at home and abroad. Don't sell all of your belongings and move to one of americas hot spots for UFO sightings just yet.

  7. The Day Before Disclosure (2010) by Terje Toftenes Rating: 🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | AppleTV If you have already spend some time down there, but instead of slowly making your way out, you decide to give it "just one more moment" to dig a little deeper, The Day Before Disclosure (2010) is a great, 39 minute short documentary that is easy to digest and will satisfy your cravings.

  8. The Search for Life: The Drake Equation (2010) by Tim Usborne Rating: 🛸🛸🛸 | IMDB | DailyMotion Not every documentary has to hit the same angles. This one, produced by BBC Four predominantly takes a look at the question "are we alone or not?". Dr. Frank Drake developed the Drake Equation which takes a guess at the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that could possibly exist in our galaxy.

  9. Shaun Ryder on UFOs (2013) by Shaun Ryder Rating: 🛸🛸 | IMDB | Amazon Shaun Ryder claims to have been abducted by aliens when he was 15 years old. He produced a documentary series that includes 4 episodes and focuses mainly on individual accounts. It is an interesting watch to experience the colorful human aspect of the UFO community and it is one of the rarer documentaries that features alien abduction stories & accounts.

  10. Ancient Aliens (2009) by the History Channel Rating: 🛸 | IMDB | Amazon Now don't get me wrong, I own a DVD Box of Ancient Aliens Season 1-6 and it occasionally finds its way into my DVD Player. I love it, because this documentary series became part of Pop-Culture and was probably the most prominent testament to the History Channel running out of legitimate historical content to keep its audience engaged. Ancient Aliens makes this list due to its entertainment value - It introduced the science of Ufology into the mainstream and manifested Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as the most popular UFO & Alien Meme out there. The Documentary Series is still ongoing and features over 193 episodes to date. It actually includes a lot of legitimate UFO sightings and accounts. Some of the episodes are great, but generally this series is all over the place. Our praise goes out to Ancient Aliens for loyally keeping the UFO conversation alive and mainstream. Keep going folks! 🖖🏻

Ancient Aliens UFO Meme Guy
The Ancient Aliens Meme Guy - Go ahead and meme it!

Want to watch something for free? Here are some great, free UFO Documentaries, Podcasts & Reports:

  • 8 News Las Vegas - Bob Lazar Story (2020) - George Knapp Youtube

  • Lex Fridman Podcast #122 - David Fravor (U.S. Navy Pilot) Youtube

  • Joe Rogan Experience #1510 (2020) - George Knapp & Jeremy Corbell Youtube

  • Joe Rogan Experience #1574 (2020) - Jacques Vallee & James Fox Spotify

  • Joe Rogan Experience #1315 (2019) - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell Youtube

  • UFO: The Lost Evidence (2019) by Discovery UK Youtube

  • The Unexplained Phoenix Lights Phenomenon (2018) by BuzzFeed Unsolved Youtube

  • UFO Sightings in Colorado (2013) by Vice Youtube

  • The Alien Files: UFOs under Investigation (2004) Youtube

You want to see it for yourself?

Watch RAW UFO footage of real UFO sightings & relevant UFO media on UFO Daddy's Youtube Channel!

  • RAW UFO Video Footage - US Navy - Gimbal, GoFast & Flir Youtube

  • RAW UFO Video Footage - Puerto Rico - Aguadilla UFO Youtube

  • RAW Nick Marina UFO Footage (1950) Youtube

  • RAW W. Glenn Davis Interview - Mortician talks Roswell UFO Bodies Youtube more...

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