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Element 115 and UFO Anti-Gravity Reactor

The synthesis of the claimed stable element 115 with the magic number of 184 neutrons was synthesized 40 years after Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on UFO craft, powered by element 115 to create an ani-gravitational field for its propulsion.

UFO Daddy Element 115 Moscovium Anti Gravity

Lazar says he has seen evidence of gravity propulsion technology in nine alien spacecraft stored in hangars in S4, near Area 51 and that UFOs use a kind of propulsion system that uses gravity force utilizing the properties of element 115 to perform "technological wizardry".

Bob Lazars claim were not taken seriously at that time, since element 115 (Moscovium) was not on the periodic table of elements. It was shut down and criticized for its short half-life and radioactive instability and even to this day science says that powering a device with the element would be impossible. In short, element 115 can drive an anti-gravity reactor as of today.


Bob Lazar says the U.S. Military was in possession of a stable version of element 115 (Moscovium) which defies current scientific knowledge as it defied the existence of element 115 decades before Bob Lazar mentioned it. 🚨

UFO Anti-Gravity Reactor & Propulsion Technology 🛸

UFO Anti Gravity Reactor Motor

The integral parts of a UFOs Anti-Gravity Propulsion system are the following:

  • Anti-Gravity Generator The heart of the UFO is its motor, the Anti-Gravity Generator which holds a stable piece of Element 115 (Moscovium) covered by half a sphere, connected to the UFOs antenna and the Anti-Gravity Emitters

  • Anti-Gravity Emitters Influence the distribution of gravity around the UFO craft for directional steering.

  • Antenna Sends the anti-gravitational field out and around the UFO craft.

UFO Anti-Gravity Reactor

The power source for the reactor uses element 115 as an energy source and fuel. The current source of element 115 is used to attack and bomb protons with small, sophisticated particle accelerators. The protons fuse with the atomic nuclei of the element 115, and the atoms transform into atoms of the element 116.

When an atom of element 115 is transformed into element 116, element 116 decays and produces the radiation that we observe during nuclear decay. It also decays by releasing two antiproton antihydrogen, which forms antimatter. Antimatter is produced in tiny amounts in particle accelerators on Earth and stored for a short time. We can transmute elements on Earth, but that is not how we do it with this degree of efficiency.

The flow of the antimatter particles generated in the reactor is directed and evacuated through finely tuned tubes that keep it away from contact with the matter surrounding the reactor and from the reaction with the gaseous matter in the target. The best-known nuclear reaction is fission, in which energy is produced by splitting atoms by means of nuclear reactors and atomic bombs, but fusion or fusion is the combination of atoms by fusing hydrogen nuclei into helium, releasing more energy. The total annihilation reaction is the most efficient and forceful of all nuclear reactions.

These two common nuclear reactions are dwarfed in their energy efficiency by the extermination reaction used in the extraterrestrial reactor. The annihilation reaction produces a continuous release of an enormous amount of heat. This heat is converted into electricity by means of a thermionic generator. The reactor is so efficient that no detectable waste heat is produced. This is an obvious violation of one of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics.

The antiparticle flow emitted by the converting element 115 is not the only energy emitted by the process. Similar, if not more efficient and powerful, thermionic generators are used as power sources for our satellites and spacecraft. What is surprising is that efficiency seems to be a secondary rather than a primary function of the reactor.

At this point, a gravitational wave is generated. The gravitational wave appears in each hemisphere of the reactor and propagates in a finely tuned manner, similar to how microwaves behave. The reactions in the reactor are orchestrated in a tiny ballet in such a way that the reactor provides an enormous amount of energy, which is used to amplify the gravitational wave in such a way that it causes the space-time distortion required for spaceflight.

UFO Anti Gravity
Bob Lazar Sketch: Heart-Shaped Anti-Gravitational Field wrapping the UFO

Discovery of Moscovium - Element 115

It did not come to light until 2003 but had been discussed by American Bob Lazar for more than a decade as an element in gravitational wave generators for UFOs. In a 1989 interview, he claimed that he had been hired to reverse extraterrestrial technology gained in 1947 at the Roswell site in New Mexico. Lazar said that the propulsion vehicles depended on stable isotopes of chemical elements called atomic number 115 and E115 which could not only generate gravitational waves at the time but also allow vehicles to fly faster, evade visual recognition and bend light around them. We are referring to the short story of Robert "Bob" Scott Lazar who went public with top secret information about Element 115 in 1989, who claimed he was a former employee working on S4, near Area 51, the famous secret area of US Air Force Nevada Test and Training Range, where his job was to construct crashed alien flying saucers.

moscovium element 115
Moscovium - Element 115 on the Periodic Table

Element 115, also known as Moscovium or Ununpentium (most stable isotope is at 289 MC), is a synthetic chemical element, developed by Russian and American scientists in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia in 2004. Synthetic elements with symbol SG and number 106 atomic number such as seaborgium were first produced in 1974, when some of their atoms were produced in laboratories in the Soviet Union and the United States.

Moscvium (MC-115), synthesized by a Russian-American team of scientists in 2003, is one of the most controversial synthetic elements ever produced.

Element 115 Cloud Chamber Test bending Light - Infamous Experiment 🔬

This footage shows a secret cloud chamber test that was conducted by Bob Lazar after he managed to smuggle a piece of element 115 out of S4 where the UFO he worked on was located at.

The cloud chamber experiment shows element 115 (Moscovium) bending light in a sealed chamber, which should only be possible if it is affected by a heavy, gravitational field usually only produced by massive objects like stars or planets.

Photons (light particles) have no mass, but we see light bend around sources with high mass due to gravity. This is not because the mass pulls on the photons directly, but because the mass warps the space-time through which the photons travel. 💡


What do you think about Element 115? Isn't it strange that Bob Lazar reported its existence in 1987?

Drop me a comment below 👇🏻.

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