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Dulce UFO Base & Secret Underground Aliens

Dulce, New Mexico appears to be a tiny southwestern hamlet on the surface. There isn't even a traffic signal there. ๐Ÿšฆ However, according to a set of stories, this small village is only the top of a massive subterranean complex housing inconceivable experiments and technology. There's quite a world beneath Dulce โ€“ a hidden, high-tech realm full of aliens.

Dulce Base UFO Aliens UFO Daddy

The Dulce Base Alien Complex

The Dulce subterranean complex is a kind of seven-story compound underneath Dulce, New Mexico, that shelters human-alien hybrids, human-animal hybrids, and even sophisticated technologies from outter space. It's been rumored to be the location of extraterrestrial warfare.

The Dulce Base is divided into the following sections:

Above ground level, there is only little agricultural infrastructure and a secret UFO entrance to the base.

  1. Security & Communications First layer of security to control access to the base. This layer houses all communications into and outside of Dulce base.

  2. Human staff housing Second layer houses all human staff close to the surface layer if a potential evacuation is necessary. (see Dulce Wars below)

  3. Executives & Labs This layer locates all labs & executive scientists mainly working on reverse engineering projects from recovered craft and weaponry.

  4. Mind Control Experiments One layer deeper you come across mind control experiments. Reportedly this unit features several cells that hold humans & aliens to experiment on the way extraterrestrials communicate non-verbally through telepathy.

  5. Alien Housing Also known as the 'ancient cavern system', this layer is home to extraterrestrials who came down to earth. It is unclear if they setup the base voluntarily or are being held there, but according to Philip Schneider, who claims to have worked on the construction of an underground Cold War base near Dulce base, a large colony "Greys" were seemingly in command of this layer.

  6. Generic Experiments Experiments in this layer involve mixing of DNA and the experimental creation of human-alien hybrids.

  7. Cryogenic Storage The last layer is setup as a cryogenic storage to preserve alien life-forms as well as human-alien hybrids.

Alarming Phenomena & Sightings around Dulce Base

According to HowStuffWorks, the initial reports of the base's existence date back to the 1930s. According to the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper, stories of extraterrestrial interference in the region began to gather steam in the 1970s, when a veteran New Mexico State Patrol officer, Gabe Valdez reported unusual cow mutilations in the area. Valdez remarked in a radio interview, "Predators don't leave gas masks, light sticks, or radar chaff, therefore the evidence that was left there was unusual. That material isn't left behind."

Gabe Valdez made claims such as seeing dark, silent "advanced spaceship" and discovering a foetus inside a deceased cow โ€” but not a calf foetus. "It looked like a person, a frog, and a monkey," Valdez said on "UFO Hunters" on the History Channel. "There were no skeletons in the head. It was completely flooded." Valdez reasoned that the cows were carrying extraterrestrial kids in their wombs.

Tim Anderson, a retired Dulce police officer, claimed to have witnessed a UFO in the late 1990s. Anderson told , "It lighted up the whole valley and then suddenly vanished into the cliffs."

Those are just few of many UFO sightings reported around the area Dulce base is located in.

Philip Schneider & The Dulce Wars

Various people in Dulce have made vivid claims about paranormal activities in and around Dulce base. A vivid scene of a violent human-alien battle was first disclosed by Philip Schneider in 1995, who was a retired US Government Geoligist & Engineer and claimed to have been injured by an alien laser gun, cutting most of his fingers on one hand after stumbling upon the underground alien base housed at Dulce.

Dulce Hand Finger Cut Philip Schneider UFO Daddy
Philip Schneider - Showing injury caused by Alien Gun during an exposition in 1995

Schneider stated that in 1979, he assisted in the construction of a "secret subterranean facility" near Dulce. He claimed to have observed a fight with underground aliens that resulted in the deaths of 60 people. According to Schneider, the extraterrestrial conflict continued for days. Being caught in the fight between humans & extraterrestrials, he calimed to shot two aliens with his firearm, but has lost most fingers on his left hand after supposedly being hit by an alien laser gun, protecting himself being hit in the chest.

Schneider claimed that the seven-foot alien he has faced smelled terribly. After being hit with "some sort of plasma weapon", he suffered lasting health issues similar to radiation and was reportedly diagnosed with cancer.

You can read more about the story in books (I will soon do a summary) or watch a part of Philip Schneider's exposition after he went public in 1995 - Unfortunately, Schneider died shortly after in 1996 which lead to a lot of rumors about his death happening so short after his revelations.


This is one of the most amazing accounts about Extraterrestrials I have ever heard! ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Obviously Philip Schneider's injuries look very convincing and his death, shortly after going public with his revelations gives more cause for speculations! ๐Ÿšจ

What are your thoughts on the secret Dulce Base in New Mexico? Do you believe Philip Schneider's story about the underground alien war?

Let me know in the comment section below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

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