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Ariel School UFO & Alien Encounter - Zimbabwe, 1994

A UFO was spotted outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe, on September 16, 1994. Ariel School pupils reported to have seen one or more silver objects fall from the sky and land in a field close to their school. The youngsters were then contacted by one or more entities that telepathically transmitted an environmental message to them. The experience has been dubbed the "most amazing near encounter of the third kind."

UFO Daddy Ariel School UFO Alien

Ruwa is a tiny agricultural town 22 kilometers south of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital. Ariel School is a private institution in the middle of this agricultural town, where a majority of students come from Harare's wealthier households. In 1994 there had been a series of UFO sightings around southern Africa two days before to the actual incident at Ariel School.

Several witnesses reported seeing a brilliant fireball travel over the sky late at night. Many individuals responded to ZBC Radio's call-in hotline to describe what they had witnessed.

Some eyewitnesses confused the fireball with a comet or meteor, as the UFO Phenomenon and therefore the association with craft or spaceships from extraterrestrial origin was not a commonly perceived concept or possibility for South Africans at that time.

Children Accounts of Ariel School Incident

The sightings at Ariel took place at 10 a.m. on September 16, 1994, as students were outside for a mid-morning break. The school's adult faculties were inside holding a meeting at the time as some of the students returned to the building to inform the professors of their observations of a flying object that has descended onto a field nearby the school.

Ariel School UFO Aliens UFO Daddy
Ariel School Drawings by Children who witnessed UFO & Aliens

They informed their parents when they came home. Many of those parents returned to the school the next day to speak with the staff about what had occurred. Cynthia Hind, a local UFO expert has learnt about the encounter after hearing about it on ZBC Radio. The next day, Hind paid a visit to the school. She conducted interviews with the kids and asked them to create sketches of what they saw. What was striking is, that the youngsters all told her the same narrative, she said.

A couple weeks later, John E. Mack, a psychiatric professor at Harvard University, had learned about the encounter and paid a visit to the Ariel school in November to interview all eye witnesses. Mack has been investigating UFO sightings throughout the 1990s, with a special emphasis on alien abductions.

In Mack's interviews one fifth-grader tells how he was warned “about something that's going to happen,” and that “pollution mustn’t be”. An eleven-year-old girl told Mack “I think they want people to know that we’re actually making harm on this world and we mustn’t get too technologed [sic].” One child said that he was told that the world would end because we are not taking care of the planet. 🚨

The Most Amazing Alien Encounter

The Ariel School Incident is by far the most amazing encounter of the third kind (with extraterrestrials) to this day. The Phenomenon, a 2020 documentary by the amazing James Fox features the Ariel School incident in Ruwa, Zimbabwe and invites some of the children back to re-tell their story 30 years later as adults.

All children told the same story and described the object and its extraterrestrial passengers in the same way. Several of the witnesses maintain that what was reported is true. Although in question, readers have to remember that the children in Ruwa had no exposure to modern media featuring any preconceptions about UFOs, Aliens or extraterrestrial visitors.


How can you not believe the children of Ariel School? Why would they lie? 🤨 What do you make of this story?

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