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1976 Tehran UFO Incident

On September 19, 1976, several civilians reported a shiny object over the city of Tehran in Iran. The Teheran UFO incident is special, because it was among the first reported incidents where fighter jets tried to engage a UFO with military weapons systems.

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In the early hours of September 19, 1976, a glowing object was reported in the air over Tehran as Lieutenant Yaddi Nazeri and a weapons officer in the back seat were sent out to investigate in a military jet, but shortly after closing the distance on the flying object in Tehran, he announced that all equipment and communications had been lost.

After Lieutenant Nazeri returned to base, and announced that his tools had malfunctioned, another F-4 Phantom II was send out to intercept the object. This time, it was Major Parviz Jafari, commander of the Iranian Imperial Air Force Squadron, along with Lieutenant Jalal Damirian, weapons officer, to engage the UFO.

Jafari was given a radar lock at something at a distance of 27 nautical miles (≈ 50 KM.), The size of which is described as a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. As he approached the object, that was reportedly illuminating light, Jafari described it as a "flashing intense red, green, orange, and blue lights so bright I could not see his body," his communications system was subsequently deactivated. When he attempted to fire an AIM-9 Sidewinder infrared missile, he said his device had been shut down and returned to normal only after his jet had moved away from the object.

An initial report of the incident was given to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff on the same day of the incident.

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The United States Air Force Security Services publishes a quarterly MIJI (Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference) newsletter that recounts parts of the Tehran UFO incident, retelling Colonel Mooy's memo on the subject of jamming and interference of military systems.

After the Tehran UFO Sighting in 1976, many UFO incidents followed in Iran, ranging from a large, reflective object witnessed by thousands of people in 1982, to a suspected UFO crash in the Barez Mounts of Kerman in 2007.


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